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We believe in building curiosity and helping students unsure about their future career path discover the multiple different career  routes that may suit them better than the ‘conventional’ route.

We are Oxford Student Foundation, the second biggest student organisation in Oxford. We offer many different initiatives, such as the Oxford Development Consultancy(ODC) , the Oxford Consulting Initiative (OCI), the Oxford Investment Initiative (OII), and our new initiative, the Oxford Law Initiative (OLI), to cater to the interests of  students from different backgrounds and degrees.

Our vision is to connect with students and given them the opportunity to discover other possible career routes. We want to foster curiosity and multiple choice avenues for those still undecided as to what they want to do next.  We aim to do this by using and building our network with both firms and students, and by offering events such as workshops, career guidance sessions, Q&As and opportunities for networking with firms.


Our Vision








The Foundation consists of three autonomous initiatives, which focus on providing students with experience in different career areas. The largest attraction is that it allows individuals to join the Foundation when they are not sure about their future career path and to have the ability of discovering their perfect career through working on a variety of projects. This also gives us an outreach to dedicated and committed students across different subject areas, which allows us to provide sponsors with maximum exposure…


Our flexible structure will also allow for the founding of further initiatives in other areas, so if you've got an idea and are keen to get a bit of a jump-start in terms of funding, marketing and organisation make sure to message us! 


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